See forum for next launch at Wildman Farm, South Charleston


Ohio Aerospace Modeling Consortium (OAMC) is an independent rocketry club in partnership with Tripoli Rocketry Association Prefecture #31: Tripoli Mid Ohio. We are privileged to fly on the Standing Oaks Enterprises excellent fields in South Charleston. OAMC is in operation from November through May, depending of field availability due to crops.

We are independently insured and welcome all fliers to come and fly with us, as our field can support flights up to O impulse. We welcome NAR and TRA fliers as well as school groups, scouts, and college students. Since we are self insured, you must be a member in order to fly with us and we can offer special rates for groups. Contact the club for further details about this.

OAMC also partners with Team Ohio Rocketry for rocketry education to surrounding schools and institutions, providing inspiration to local youth in pursuit of advancements or careers in science, engineering, and aviation.

Visitors can expect to see flights ranging from tiny Estes-style model rockets flying on A impulse motors up to GIANT rockets towering over ten feet tall flying on HUGE N and O impulse motors. We look forward to seeing you at our next launch!